Relationship Health




Realizing and manifesting a great life with the time you have here is the aim of the Life Plan. Not your money or your financial statements, but your overall qualities of life and vibrancy of the impact of your life force and legacy. Your financial plan, your economic and efficient use of time and money all should serve your complete success, your life plan. Remember success isn’t a destination, it’s certainly a process, it’s more a lifestyle, is a sacred trust and is defined as the gradual achievement of a worthy goal. Goals are imperative to living when we cease to have goals our life force is diminished. In that sense retirement is a lie and disservice.


Life wellness and life health has 5 great categories. By participating in this workshop, a self-driven tutorial, a thought process leading to sets of clear systematic actions will develop, you will bring into focus, unlock and unfold greater manifestations of your own particular version, path of success and health in all 5 categories. Each category has objectives, obstacles and actions that when brought into purposeful focused intention, are broken down into manageable steps, and will produce measurable progress towards the worthy goals that are important to you. You don’t have to settle for the status quo and inertia, a Greater Life awaits you.


This isn’t a questionnaire you have to fill out. Please don’t. But rather, when you are prepared proceed onward because you know you rarely take the kind of time to seriously consider and evaluate if, when and where, you are willing and unwilling, to reach out to yourself, dissemble and reassemble in ways beyond the commonplace, to question your allocation of priorities, time, energy and habits to offset the time-life eating diversionary, displacing reward systems and worries that consume us in order that you may instead surf right out of your comfort zone using meek self-analysis, renewed and revitalized commitment to embodying your greatest self, vulnerability, love, and a greater life.


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Rather than hand writing your responses, or even typing them out with a keyboard, consider the preferred method of undertaking this process. Log on to Skype and send video messages to our user ID gfcwow. If you haven’t connected with us there yet, then use the “search contacts” on Skype for our user ID “gfcwow” name and ask for a connection and we will confirm.

Then you can effortlessly stream responds sending us video messages using as many of the up to 3 minute each segments Skype allows that you may need for these 4 non-financial areas covered here. We will safely store these for you in a confidential secure file that we can periodically refer back to, review, confer with you on, discuss and measure progress against and update in years to come.


Relationship Health


A HQ relationship is one where both parties gain and give things of value to each other. We are social beings by construction and design meant for giving and sharing symbiotic human interactions. The primary relationship and training modules in life are family, parents, children and spouses.

We have no control over the ultimate behavior and decisions of others and therefore should not limit or constrain our own abilities based upon other’s behavior. Therefore how and where and why are you withholding permission from yourself to solve and of your problems, in reaching an objective or dissolving a blockage?

Becoming an ambassador for the building an empire in relationships heaven is what this module is about.

Some of the points and questions to consider that may resonate with you are:


What relationships are most important to you?What relationships do you wish you had but don’t? If you don’t have those relationships now, do you know why? Are you willing to develop those specific or types or relationships? If not, why?

What has to happen for that relationship to improve?

How will your life be improved by a HQ relationship with each of these persons?

How do you intend to add value to the relationship with each of these persons?